A Guide to Modern Web Development with Laravel

Laravel is a free PHP web framework. It was created by Taylor Otwell 5 years ago and since then it grew rapidly and now it has become one of the most popular among PHP frameworks; it is said to be superior over all the others.

This is because it offers more than nine thousand packages (it is at least three times more packages than every other framework) and also because most of the frameworks are very confusing with a very hard to understand code syntax.

In this way development becomes just a painful thing to do. But not with Laravel!

On the other hand Laravel focuses on using a syntax that is easily readable, simple and expressive, it is almost like reading normal English. It also has a better maintainability and more robust features. Moreover these features will work flawlessly with very little configuration, in order to lessen the code-bloat (code bloat is the overproduction of code that is considered unnecessarily slow and long, and a waste of resources).

It is very easy to learn how to use Laravel’s functionalities and this is the reason why it has so many users. The documentation of Laravel is well written and always up-to-date. If you learn how to use this platform correctly you will surely be proud of the results and you will save time and increase your productivity thanks to the built-in features. On Laravel everyone can succeed in building a proper working application and sharing it with everyone.

Some important features of this platform are bundles. What are bundles? They are packages that you can download and add to your laravel installation; to download these bundles you just have to look for them on Artisan, which is a command-line tool that comes with Laravel when you install it. There are already quite a few bundles and more are being added all the time, but the most people’s favourite one is called Bob the Builder, which is very useful to create and manage files, migrations and tests.

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The security provided by Laravel is also very advanced, indeed the developers running and managing Laravelare able to keep away ‘malevolent’ users by encrypting passwords and checking every made application.

Many developers who switched from another framework to Laravel are very happy about their choice and feel like they have become better programmer thanks to the learning made on Laravel platform. But not everything can be good; in fact the development in Laravel is not so fast in compare to other PHP frameworks. Moreover, because it is a new platform, it can be quite slow at times and when you have problems with the website it will lead you to documentation that will probably not help you.

Also because it is kind of new, the community is not as helpful as the ones of many other platforms, but it is just a matter of time: by the time the amount of users will grow, the community will evolve too and thus it will be more useful.

Laravel Latest Version – 5.2

This framework has already been updated many times and the last available version is Laravel 5.2. Laravel is free, at least the basic platform is free, if you want to create an app or a website or whatever you will have to pay for the packages you need. So, being Laravel such a flexible platform means that a project built here will inevitably cost much more than the same project built on WordPress, but the price is totally worth it and it is not that high.

If you are scared that you will not be able to develop an app on Laravel, do not worry because on the Laravel site itself there is a tutorial on how to develop an application in an easy way, with the help of Homestead. What id Homestead? It is a pre-built vagrant box, which has all the essential stuff you need to build a nice working app. Also if you want to learn more and more about Laravel, you have to know Jeffrey Way.

He is a non-core developer that created understandable video tutorials about every aspect of Laravel, they are easy to find (you just need to Google him or look for him on Youtube) and many of them are in high quality and are also totally free to the public viewers.

Everyone should consider to use Laravel, from expert developers to beginners, because it is good if you are already a professional thanks to its flexibility and scalability, but it is also perfect for those who are still at the beginning of their carrier because the code is easy to understand and there are lots of tutorials.

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