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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a technology company which helps and supports companies to benefit from the advantages that Information Technology has opened up in the past decade.

Today, we access information and people from around the world in an instant.

Groundbreaking technologies have led the doors to innovations in every field of human endeavour, delivering new opportunity, convenience, and value to our lives.


We are convinced that by stretching and following these values we are a very successful
● We strive for ethics and fairness in everything we do.
● Excellence is achieved both in products and in our organisation by always asking:
How can we do this better?
Can it be done in a simpler and more elegant way?
● We constantly redefine and refine our untraditional organisation and our processes. We
are not afraid of doing things differently.
● Passion for our work is the fuel that inspires us to achieve extraordinary results.

Delivery Methods

Sowedane has well defined processes which comprise the complete development life cycle from business problem analysis to application maintenance and support.
Sowedane can applies the following different development models based on your requirements.


In Presence Development


Many of our clients have their own perspective of getting their work done and we focus on their preference. Some of our clients like to keep in constant touch with our project teams.

We value our customers’ business and hence provide them the best we can and let them have a dedicated on site or on visit development cycle. We assist our clients in full or part of the software development life cycle.

A thorough understanding of client’s needs with an in-depth study and analysis of requirements precede the software development activity. The detailed design and developments are carried out in our development center.

Project staffing is based on the requirement and delivery schedule.
Project specific training, if any, is provided prior to the start of the project.

Depending upon scope and complexity of the project, the team could work onsite at client’s premises, offshore, or a combination of both.

The entire development life cycle is subject to stringent quality checks by our Quality assurance team.

Dedicated Team


The Development Center involves creation of a facility that operates like the customer’s own
software services unit.

In this model, all resources, technical teams, hardware, software, office space and any other
resources required by the client are completely dedicated to the client and provided by

The client has access to these resources on a continual basis and can choose to have them
work on any assignment as if they were their own employees, in a back office.

This model offers a virtual sharing of the facility to the customer without bearing the associated
overheads of handling resources, training, planning, administration, management, cultural
overheads, etc.

This type of engagement is helpful for companies who are well aware of benefits of remote
model and want to add hard to find talented resources to their company’s human capital with an
affordable price tag.

Dedicated team at the development center is based on a partnership spirit with a long-term
view. A dedicated team is reserved exclusively for client’s projects.


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