Drupal Development

Drupal is a management framework released in 2000 and still popular. It is written in PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor). Drupal can be a website but also a forum, a blog and a community for the users. In 2014 the users of Drupal were more than one million and the developers were about 30000 and they will update and fix the website in the best way they can.

There is also a “Drupalcon” every year where members of the community will meet and share their opinions. Drupal is suitable for every kind of project from small to large scale ones. At first Drupal was very hard to use while now with the new update you need no particular skills to install and administrate the website, although Drupal also offers a very complicated interface for the developers. On Drupal were built some of the most recognisable websites in the UK for example the UK government site but also worldwide popular websites like for the Louvre or for the White House.

Drupal is very extensible so you can change your site as you want it and the system also allows users to build complex data structures in minutes.

The security on Drupal is the best. Being an open-source it is often ‘attacked’ but the security team works 365 days per year trying to fix all the bugs and patches.

Moreover all the new contents are controlled and everyone can see who changes something, when he did and in which way. The main complains about Drupal are for its speed. When updating it will be very very slow and even on some of the pages you could have some speed issues. It is also said that it is hard to find good Drupal developers.

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