Cloud Solutions in SAP Business One

SAP Business One on SAP HANA within the cloud is just a system which allows answer and expansion companions to rapidly and quickly create include-on’s and implement SAP Business One ERP within the cloud about the SAP HANA software.

The cloud system is pre-mounted and prepared to be investigated and designed to enhance enterprise management procedures by mixing the cutting edge in-storage processing technology of SAP HANA using the extensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) option for smaller companies, SAP Business One. Even though system is not post – prepared to be utilized and mounted, to be able to trigger it-you will have to provide your personal permits.

Once your permits have already been triggered you’ll have the ability to appreciate all of the advantages of in-storage processing of one’s ERP solution within the cloud.

You’ll now have the ability to approach huge data quantities within the server’s primary storage exceptionally rapidly and obtain instant feedback on sophisticated studies and dealings.

What're the advantages of SAP Business One within the cloud as well as SAP HANA?

SAP Business One within the cloud is cost effective

Entry SAP Business One about the SAP HANA system with no trouble of obtaining communications infrastructure, equipment infrastructure, preservation services or system improvements. All functions are included into one regular flat rate charge including unlimited usage period No upfront investment enables you to transfer to OPEX from CAPEX The expected expenses permit you to properly budget and plan Minimize IT costs by lowering the technical and preservation assistance needed


Instant and easy access about the SAP HANA system to the SAP Business One. Quality and stability of SAP Business One within the Cloud Implementation of SAP Business One about the SAP HANA system where you obtain entry through the web to all of the important functions of the engineering and regular procedures applied in SAP Business One, using the quality of SAP software and Colonial Telecom (PT) structure.

SAP Business One within the cloud is safe

State-of security and the art internet Information is secured in the 6th largest datacentre on the planet the leading SAP will hosts your computer data -licensed datacentre Licensed safety management guidelines enhanced security measures.

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SAP Business One within the cloud enables you to concentrate on the company

A development system for much more effective and faster management procedures through improved programs and business models that are accessible. SAP certifies for improvement the system and assured from the SmartCloudPT structure.

Cloud technology allows your organization to function efficiently with equipment and software supplied improve and as providers made to change your work methods that are company’s. SmartCloudPT removes the requirement for equipment purchases and upfront software.

Simply and you’ll only have to pay a regular charge for that providers that you really use pay-as-you-proceed based on your company circulation, for higher cost-effectiveness efficiency and.

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