Things to Know about Unity 3D Development

Unity is a 2D and 3D game engine developed by Unity Technologies and it is used to build video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices, websites and any kind of device you can think of.

It is also used by non-gaming companies to develop apps sometimes, for example those apps which need to interact with 2D/3D space, also for research, simulation, and demonstration by companies all over the world. The basic system of Unit is free and you can do a lot with it. Indeed you can create a whole very good game as long as you do not focus too much on the details like shadows and reflections.

To manage those details you will need a much more advanced version, so you will need to download Unity Pro and it is not free of course, instead it is pretty expensive: 1500 dollars per person.

The best feature about Unity is definitely Unity Asset Store. Here you can find all of your needs like artwork, audio effects, animation files, texts, special effects and much more. In the asset store you cannot create stuff but you will have to take things already created from a third party. You can be that third party, in fact if you want you can publish some of your assets creations in de assets store so that other developers can purchase them and buy them.

Of course for each asset you need you will have to pay a different sum of money so if you want to build an advanced and detailed game, it will probably be very expensive. Unity is a very much heavy framework soif you are going to download it be sure that you have at least 8 GB of spare space on the hard disk of your computer / device.

It is quiet easy to learn how to use Unity, the interface is very simple and easy to customize and the scripting is not too hard. The main languages used are Java Script and c#, but also Boo. Furthermore, all three languages can be used at the same time within a project to allow people of different technology backgrounds to contribute to a project at the same time.

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If you can’t understand something or if you have any type of problem, do not hesitate to ask to the Unity community, it is said to be very nice and useful for every kind of help that you may need.

On unity it is possible to Build 2d or 3d games and you can also easily switch from 2D mode to 3D mode (or vice versa) any time you like. The free Unity mode has a limit, if you get to ear more than two hundreds thousands pounds you will inevitably have to pay a fee or purchase the Pro version (but that happens very rarely and that should not be a problem with all that money). One more thing you have to pay for is a fee of about a thousand pounds if you want a feature parity on your mobile phone.

With unity the game developers can focus less on creating the videogame itself and more on the artistic part in order to rend the game more aesthetically pleasing and also more interesting. From this platform many popular game were created, such as Angry Birds and Temple Run, and also the latest game hit Pokemon Go. Unity became very famous when iPhone App Store was invented and unity managed to create the first games available for an iPhone.

Another important turning point in the history of unity is when in 2008 cartoon Network used this platform to create a role-playing game called FusionFall, which has been played by more than 8 million people. It is estimated that there are over 1.3 million registered Unity developers and that there are over 300,000 active developers monthly. In 2012 survey states that 53.1% of mobile developers reported using Unity to make games. A point that could be either an advantage or a disadvantage is that you can organize your assets in lots of folders, someone thinks it is good, but others said that they easily get unorganized because of the abundance of folders and files on the system.

The salaries of Unity 3D professional developers are quite high. It is more than eighty thousands dollars per year. One more thing considered as a disadvantage by many developers is that if there are some bugs or problems in the system, only professional Unity developers can fix them and not every developer on Unity. So it will take a lot more to fix everything.

As a conclusion we can say that Unity is so popular because it actually works. Also it is easy to create games because while you are building them you can have a graphical preview of how it is going to look like. Moreover you can see what you are creating step by step: you just have to drag the code script about a specific action on the main object (of the action) and it will start do move. Also if you add an audio or image on Unity, it will be immediately turned into code.

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